Foshan Yunsheng Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
Name:Foshan Yunsheng Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
Equipments detail
Equipment: High Temperature High Pressure Autoclave Sterilizer
Equipment Type: Pharmaceutical Equipment
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2011-08-23
Main Features:
Description: 1. It adopts European B standard, with 3-times pre-vacuum preceding vacuum drying. Residual humidity is <0.1;vacuum measurement reaches-0.8bar. It sterilizes miscellaneous instruments, successfully solved the problem that autoclave can not sterilize plastic instrument. 2. Computer control, pressure and temperature are displayed in digital. 3. Quick spraying steam generator makes the inside temperature of autoclave well-proportioned. 4. Waste water tank water-full alarm system avoiding the possibility of circulated sterilizing with waste water. 5. Automatic malfunction detection alarm. 6. The boiler is extended by 2.5mm stainless steel one shot. 7. The scuppers at the bottom of the boiler make drying more convenient.
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